After Long Delay, Official Kick Off Meeting is Happening (with Special Guests): Thursday August 30, 2018!

After some unfortunate delays we have found a date for the official kick off of NEXAA, and we’re very excited. In the time since we had to cancel our first attempt due to illness, so much has happened that we almost believe it was divine intervention that caused us to delay. We will have several international guests at this kick off: people who are just as passionate about EXA as we are and who have trained extensively in the field. A couple of them are currently in the process of relocating themselves to the Netherlands from Australia/Canada and the U.S.; another is setting up a training institute for EXA in the UK; and another is a practicing Dance and ExA Therapist from San Francisco in the U.S. and just happens to be visiting at the time of the kick off. These friends and colleagues are happy to lend their knowledge and ideas to us for this first coming together to take stock of what resources we have, and to spin our dreams into reality and make plans for how that will happen. You are warmly invited to come and share in the vision-creation and the fun.

Where: Pandora’s Playspace Ravellaan 96  3533  JR  Utrecht

When: Thursday, August 30, 2018  18:30-20:30 + borrel upstairs at Kantien afterwards – Hearty snacks and drinks available during the meeting. The meeting/drinks/snacks are free; everyone pays their own drinks at the borrel.


  • Brief introduction of Suzan and Nadine and why we’re doing this and what we hope to accomplish;
  • Brief Intro of all participants;
  • Identifying Key Areas of Focus;
  • Identifying Resources/Skills within and outside of the Group;
  • Brainstorming on How to Make it Happen;
  • Making a Plan

Who? Expressive arts practitioners (dance, music, art, psychodrama, etc.), (arts) therapists, psychologists, educators, community arts facilitators, refugee workers, social workers, artists, anyone interested in the arts for social and personal development.

Please respond or refer all questions via email: nexaa.mail@gmail.com


Suzan Lemont

Nadine Westrhenen