About us

Mission & Vision

The mission of NEXAA is to advocate and educate for increased visibility and status of the expressive arts in the Netherlands.

NEXAA’s vision is that expressive arts therapy is a viable and efficient tool for promoting growth and healing.

Our objectives

Our primary objectives are:

  • To increase the visibility and status of EXA as a viable and efficient method and intervention for promoting mental health and wellbeing.
  • To promote EXA theory and practice within the psychotherapeutic, educational, anthropological, and sociological disciplines.
  • To promote, accumulate and make publicly available research pertaining to the use of expressive arts in education, psychology, community development, community building, and as a therapeutic/healing tool.
  • To bring together EXA experts and practitioners for potential collaboration, research and sharing of methods and data.
  • To create a platform and forum for new developments within EXA and a place for exchange within the aforementioned disciplines.
  • To create/negotiate terms of accreditation and competency within the field.
  • To provide a platform for EXA methods and use, including training opportunities, forums, conferences, symposia, database of research and any other means of making EXA more accessible to the public.


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An annual network meeting and bi-annual conference are the two primary events connecting expressive arts professionals with colleagues in the field.


NEXAA will aim to advocate for increased visibility and status of the expressive arts in the Netherlands through establishment of and participation in relevant committees. NEXAA will also serve a role in communicating the latest information on relevant policies and developments in the field to its members through its various platforms.


Relevant courses and workshops will be promoted on the NEXAA website, with special interest in accredited CPD programs in the field of expressive arts. Furthermore, NEXAA encourages the increased incorporation of expressive arts methods in education.

Special projects

NEXAA supports refugees in the Netherlands through expressive arts workshops (NeRRP).